For Love of Java

Java.  Joe.  Mud.  Liquid Energy.  Starbucks.  Cafe.  Double Shot.  Latte.  Espresso.  Brew.  Jamocha.  Mojo. Morning Thunder.  Wakey Juice.  My Reason for Getting Up in the Morning.  Whatever you call it, coffee could very well invoke those tender, warm, fuzzy feelings that one normally only gets when they see their stud-of-a-man enter the room.  Yet others, when they smell the intoxicating aroma of brewing glory, only mildly have to contain their gag reflex to keep their reputation intact.  Still others sit on the proverbial fence when the topic of go-juice comes up.

Personally, I was in the camp of those that felt the aroma of coffee was super yummy, but the taste was mildly...okay overtly...disappointing.  And then I met Eric. Yeah, yeah...I know, get ready for an 'overly exaggerated description of a man that can't possibly be true' blog post.  BUT...the man can make some wicked, good coffee.  He has a technique that translates to -- Melissa doesn't attempt to really make coffee because it simply pales in comparison.

It's more than good taste, which it certainly has...I can't help but get those tender, warm, fuzzy feelings knowing that he's left me coffee in the morning.  Or when I'm pretending to be awake because the kids don't realize sleeping in is a GIFT FROM GOD, HIMSELF - and he whips up some of the yummy goodness and delivers it to me with a smile.  Or when he knows I am playing chauffeur to the kids in the morning because he's working from home, so he gets the travel mug ready so I can take it with me.

Every time I smell the coffee seeping through the filter, it reminds me of Eric.  It reminds me of how he takes care of me.  It reminds me of how lucky we all are that he devotes himself to us.  It reminds me of my Eric and that, alone, makes it the best drink I've ever had.


#4 Run 9 miles

Today was the day.  Our first 9-miler of the training season and we sincerely ROCKED IT!  We chatted, sang songs, laughed, told stories...had a blast.  The wind was ridiculous and it was cold, but I can't help but think it was actually a great time.

My latest treasure is my pink hydration belt.  I may look funny, but it makes my heart sing to drink something whenever I want. ;)

Next weekend is 10 miles.  After that, just another 5K on top of the miles and I'm running a half marathon!  And that's good because my race is May 1st!

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