A Lot Can Happen in a Year

Depending on the day I'm asked...life either moves really quickly or moves really slowly.  B is already near 6 months old.  I still haven't painted our bedroom.  Q starts kindergarten this year.  E hasn't been in school since January.

Then, there are those things that appear to move quickly and slowly.  Case in point, my marriage to Eric.  Today marks one year we have been man and wife.  It seems like yesterday we were on our first weekend away together.  We've been married a year???

Simply put...Eric is the man I didn't believe existed.  He is the husband I didn't know I could dream for.  He is the friend that I always wanted.  He is my Eric.

Blending families is not easy.  Gratefully, no one ever promised me it would be simple...or fun.  Truthfully, it has been simple and fun.  Our kids are great people.  I truly believe they will all grow into adults I would be honored to know.

Our first year together has been a blessing that I couldn't have dreamed would ever be a part of life.  I am thrilled to see what the following years have in store for us...livin' the dream.


And he said, wait, what did he say?

E's brain functions at a level which sometimes confuses me, sometimes surprises me, and sometimes just plain baffles me.  Tonight, we shared a quiet time together that we normally do not get to enjoy.  The following conversation occurred:

E: Mom, if someone were to want to put a bullet into Ben, would you lay yourself over him?

Totally shocked at this out of the blue question...

Me: Um, I would do whatever I needed to do to make sure my children were not hurt.
E: So, you'd take credit and lay over him for the bullet?
Me: Credit......um, I would try very hard to protect him and each of you.  So I would rather die than you guys have to die.
E: Nodding, yeah...that makes sense.  'Cause Ben is a baby and if he died, he would never know what school was like or eating real food.
Me: (trying to regain some composure) So...where did this come from?
E: No where.  Just curious.
Me: No, curious is 'Mom, what was your favorite subject in school.' not 'Mom, would you take a bullet for your kids.'
E: (smirking) Yeah, did you know that there are some people that think it's more important for other people to live?
Me: (blank stare) What are you talking about?
E: Did you know...(speaking slowly so the apparent imbecile can understand) that there are people that think it's more important for mayors to live?
Me: Mayors?
E: Yes...(slowly again) mayors.  You know what mayors are, right?  So them or people like Barack Obama...you know him, right? (again, double checking for the imbecile)  It's more important for Barack to live than for them to live?
Me: (trying to get over the fact that my son is on a first name basis with the President) Do you mean the Secret Service?
E: YES! They said they would lay over people like Barack if someone else were trying to give them a bullet.
Me: Yes, hon, because that's their JOB.  It's their job to protect people like the President, the First Lady, his kids...make sense?
E: Yeah.

At this point, I'm trying to recover from the conversation when he pulls this doozy:

E: Ya know, I would totally take the credit if someone tried to give Quinn a fast bullet.
Me: Um, no no.  Not the 'credit'.  You would 'take the bullet'.  You never 'take the credit' for giving someone a fast bullet, ok?
E: Oh, ok.
Me: Better yet, how about you never try to give anyone a fast bullet, ok?
E: That's just silly mom, I want to KEEP people from getting bullets.

Being a parent is soooooo awesome.


#3 Run 6 miles

January 29th.  This was the first time I've run 6 miles this year.  I've done it a few times before I started this list, but this is the first 'list' run.  Course, this was the first time I'd run 6 miles of HILLS before.  The first mile was pretty difficult, I wished I was still in bed, wished I was eating Eric's waffles, wished I was soaking in a hot bath, wished I was almost anywhere but where I was....outside in the early morning cold, running a buttload of hills.  But nonetheless, this is where I found myself.

I've become addicted to running.  I always offer up the idea to Eric that I won't go on my runs.  Thankfully, Eric always pushes me out the door, 100% supporting my decision to train for the OKC half in a few months.  I always feel guilty for leaving the house - the kids are being restless, Ben is teething, dinner isn't ready, laundry needs changed, etc.  But the bottom line is that my race ('my race'...that still gives me chills) is 3 months away.  If I cheat on runs, I will not be ready.  It's as easy at that.

I count down the days until my next run.  I absolutely think my running group is the best out there.  Our coach keeps things light and fun while she's teaching us and sharing her experience.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  And when we're running...I concentrate on my form, making certain to hinge my arms and keep my step light and talk with new friends.  And you know what?  My mind clears and it's the one time I can consistently be my own person.  I love my family...adore them all.  But a woman needs to be herself, too.  And this is where I am most myself.  No clients, no demands, no deadlines, no expectations.  I will see my beautiful family when I return home.  But, at that moment, there is only me, my gear, and the road.  And I love it.

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