About Me

I'm a mom to 3 and a step-mom to 3...which makes for a busy, but fun family.  My kiddos are everything to me.  The main thing we are trying to teach the littles is to 'speak deliberately'...that is, to think before you speak, and be willing to take full responsibility for your words and usage.

My husband is wicked smart and my best friend. He's my calming force when my life feels too chaotic. He's my biggest fan and I've never been more in love...and that's NOT just because he makes the best omelets I've ever tasted and the most scrumptious waffles known to man.

I prefer new running gear to jewelry and jeans/Converse to dress/heels.  I am training for the Oklahoma City Half Marathon '11 and am enjoying it very much.  I love to cook...and it's a good thing my momma taught me how to cook 'big' because that's what it takes. :)

I work from home for a company out of San Antonio, Texas -- boring accounting software stuff...you really don't wanna know.  Suffice it to say it has to do with computers and software and numbers and people. :)

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