#81 Buy myself Super Mario Brothers for Ethan's DS

Well...there ya have it.  The self-proclaimed, non-video-game-player has Super Mario Bros.  Granted, I didn't go to a store and purchase it myself, it is in our home and it's mine to play.

This made me think back to why I don't really enjoy video games.  I mean, really, I had to be talked into playing Guitar Hero and that's a really, really fun game!  Maybe I think they're juvenile, maybe I've just had too many experiences with video games taking over other responsibilities in adults...whatever it is, I don't enjoy them.  I rarely keep game apps on my iPhone for very long, either.

But when I was thinking about what kind of games to get Ethan when he 'earned' a new one, my thoughts went back to growing up and my friend Amanda had a Nintendo 64 and we played Mario Bros.  Correction, she played, I watched (because I lost too quickly).  It seemed fun.  So I'm going to attempt to release the inner beast and play the game.  Who knows, Ethan or Zoe or Devin could inherit the game, but I'm going to give a good attempt before writing it off.

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