Is That God?

Church on the Move (COTM) is an amazing place.  There, I said it.  They have a whole creative team that comes up with their ideas and videos and skits.  And it shows.  Last night we went to the Christmas Service called Celebrate With Family and it was far from disappointing.  So much music (my favorite part) and a poignant reading from Pastor George at the end.  So far, near 17,000 people watched the service and there are two more shows to go tonight.  The pics in this post are from services past.

The shows kicks off with Andy Chrisman singing The Little Drummer Boy and, wow...between Andy's voice and the drums beating in the background, it was very, very good.  Then came the Grinch.  Yes, COTM incorporated the Grinch into their Christmas Service.  Beyond that...they incorporated the music from Thriller into the scene.  There was a rap performed while the Grinch played his 20ft tall organ about his being mean and evil and how he should grow his heart or go away (I think, honestly, I'm too old for rap).  Then, there were zombie like creatures that came out (not sure of the link there, either) - they weren't scary, just walking zombie like and they lined up with the Grinch and did the Thriller dance!  E and Z LOVED IT!  Q was on my lap and amazed!  They also sang some songs about Santa and Jesus...beautifully incorporating both aspects of the holiday into the service.

Then Pastor George comes out and reads The Christmas Story while a cello (maybe) is playing softly in the background.  He reads about the prophecy's written 700 years before Jesus' birth and reads about the birth, itself and how Jesus was to settle in Nazareth.  Chills.  Throughout his reading, Q kept pointing at him and asking me if he was God.  I kept saying no, but he kept saying, 'yes-uh...that God'.

At the end, I asked E what his favorite part was and it was the Grinch.  He said, the first two songs almost made him cry...but he 'man'd up' and 'pushed them back' and didn't cry.  I said....well I cried.  And he hugged me.

Life is good.  Christmas is awesome.  Family is inspiring.  Kids are a gift.  I love my life.

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