A Lot Can Happen in a Year

Depending on the day I'm asked...life either moves really quickly or moves really slowly.  B is already near 6 months old.  I still haven't painted our bedroom.  Q starts kindergarten this year.  E hasn't been in school since January.

Then, there are those things that appear to move quickly and slowly.  Case in point, my marriage to Eric.  Today marks one year we have been man and wife.  It seems like yesterday we were on our first weekend away together.  We've been married a year???

Simply put...Eric is the man I didn't believe existed.  He is the husband I didn't know I could dream for.  He is the friend that I always wanted.  He is my Eric.

Blending families is not easy.  Gratefully, no one ever promised me it would be simple...or fun.  Truthfully, it has been simple and fun.  Our kids are great people.  I truly believe they will all grow into adults I would be honored to know.

Our first year together has been a blessing that I couldn't have dreamed would ever be a part of life.  I am thrilled to see what the following years have in store for us...livin' the dream.

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