I said what?

Together, Eric and I have 6 kiddos and we've decided that is a good number.  I decided to have a quick procedure, although permanent, that would ensure no more babies for us.  The womb is closed forever.  Pregnancy, for me, is not easy or enjoyable.  It's filled with medications, first to keep the baby, then to make sure he/she doesn't grow ginormous in utero.  All in all...there are very good reasons for us not to have any more children.  Besides, if we DID have another child, we'd have to draw straws as to who stays behind on trips since we wouldn't fit in our car...or this could be out family car.

Even though this was not a 'real' surgery, they sure do make sure it's not unpleasant.  Personally, I think they could have given me a Tylenol PM and gone about the procedure...but no, I had to fill two narcotic prescriptions (they needed my driver's license for this....what list did I just add my name to??).  When I filled those scripts, I knew....this was going to be a memorable day...but not for me, entirely.

The coolest thing about this procedure is that I got to watch it on TV while drugged up.  This, I confess, leads to an enjoyable time had by all since I cannot filter my words under those conditions.  The things I remember include telling the 3 nurses (while tears are appearing) that I 'preciate them for helping me; asking if the image on the screen is really me; concluding aloud that I am a freak at seeing what appeared to be an 'extra' fallopian tube; and (this is the most embarrassing to me) softly, but audibly saying 'wooooooo' like a ghost while they were trying to calculate inventory used.  And I swear I remember hearing something come out of my mouth about a balloon, an elephant, and a reindeer.  I don't know, don't ask.

Ahhhh, the joys of being receptive to medication.

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